KIMA - the Historical Hebrew Gazetteer

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What's Inside

Each entry in this database consists of preferred forms of a toponym (both in Hebrew-script and in its English normalized form), variant Hebrew-script names and their transcriptions, together with their extant historical attestations, a calculated historical span of use, and geographical coordinates where available. In order to enhance its interoperability and multilingual applicability, the Kima entities were matched to existing open knowledge resources of contemporary and historical places: Geonames and Wikidata entities.


Everything is available from the top navigation bar. Main pages are accesible from the navigation bar for Places, name Variants and their Attestations. Additionaly, an API is available to access the data externally. Documentaion and API testing are available from the top navigation bar under API.

Object Counts

Kima currently holds Places, with 20,000 alternate variants of their names and 50,000 attestations of these variants.